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Game of Thrones, sesong 1 - 70 27. Clerks. - 75 28. The Dark Knight - 87 (gjensyn) 29. Clerks II - 67 30. The Beaver - 60 31. Mallrats - 67 32. Dogma - 71 33. The Dark Knight Rises - 65 34. Cying Fist - 80 40. Hana-bi - 75 41. Young Frankenstein - 70 42. Sharwater - 65 44. The Chaser - 84 45.

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Would have been better to fix the bugs in the old one. omething I guess they were unable to achieve. You get a decent amount of channels live than can be streamed on a WiFi anywhere or over cellular which is the biggest perk. Most companies restrict your streaming to your home WiFi, which is pointless because that’s what the tv is for. Only reason it got 4 and not 5 stars is because it doesn’t save settings when app closes and makes it just slightly annoying every time you relaunch app to change them back. I understand that sports events have black outs but come on Fios has a regional franchise to broadcast those shows if you are in that area. So come on Fios let’s give us the users that feature and you will continue to gain more subscribers. It’s like being in prison because let’s be honest, you aren’t getting up to get a remote. Well if you keep your phone in your pocket this app will set you free. Not only does it turn your phone into a remote with easy integration with your Verizon devices, you can search current programming, and even watch your show from your phone when you have to go to the bathroom. All joking aside, the app makes me feel lazy, but it is one of the best apps I have ever used. Great new features, like being able to delete multiple shows. Scrubber on the bottom, much more convenient and 30 sec ff and rw makes much more sense. Haven’t used the download option, but excited to see how that works.

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But again, we have now lost complete control of our classics which as stated above respresent our evolving culture throughout the past 100 years. Badreya remains one of the only Egyptian filmmakers who bought this serious issue forward, yet no one listens. Following the movies are examples of American, European, Chinese, and Japanese films that have been restored, and released on DVD and Blu-Ray today in splendid picture quality. Rebel With a Cause by:Sherif Awad Boycotted Egyptian-American filmmaker Sayed Badreya's award-winning short T for Terrorist might be screened at the Italian Cultural Institute - if he's lucky Sayed Badreya has made a name for himself in America as a filmmaker and character actor, but what little attention he's gotten back home has almost exclusively been metted out at the dusty offices of the nation's censors. In Independence Day I played an Arab pilot who helps the Americans in their fight against the alien invasion. It didn't matter to me if I was cast as a gunman from Hezbollah. Some Egyptian film critics accused me of playing terrorist roles, but these are only stereotypes, like when Marlon Brando plays a Nazi officer or Zaky Rostom plays a crime boss. What puzzles Badreya more is the recent refusal of an Egyptian documentary film festival to screen a short film he co-produced with another Egyptian working in America about the image of Arabs as terrorists in American eyes. The organizing committee's refusal to show T for Terrorist (aka T4T) at the Ismailia Documentary Film Festival in September underscores Badreya's growing frustration. The film met with rave reviews and won the Best Narrative Short award in the last Boston Film Festival. But the way it looks, the only audience he may ever have will be American. In September, Badreya was negotiating with the Italian Cultural Institute to screen T4T, but neither he nor the institute were able to confirm a date at press time. On the set of T for Terrorist Co-written and directed by Hesham Essawy and featuring noted Arab-American actor Tony Shahloub, this short feature explores the typecasting of Arab actors in Hollywood. Shot in Panavision, not in digital format, T4T stars Badreya in the partially biographical role of Sayed, the Arab-born actor who is typecast as a terrorist in American productions.

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om ! Check out their various reward levels for their upcoming film, 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant. Have a story you’d like to share on the show. They are notoriously aggressive and highly territorial. On this episode, Vic speaks of them coming into people's homes, their hunting behaviors, frightening physical traits and more. Find Vic Cundiff on his websites, DogmanEncounters. om and Dogman Encounters Radio and contact him at Small Town Monsters latest production is live right now on Kickstarter. om ! Check out their various reward levels for their upcoming film, 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant. Have a story you’d like to share on the show. Follow iTF: Facebook: interactive group page and official radio page Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY in iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and most ALL other podcatchers. Ryan Sprague on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Find Ryan's book 'Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon' on Amazon and Richard Dolan Press Find Ryan Sprague on his websites somewhereintheskies. om, RyanDSprague. om, and ThirdKindProductions.

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Kan Pocong sering deketin pohon pisang. hh. geri. da kejanggalan dividio ini. ngker Andre Setiawan 28 dias atras Apa Apaan Ini Gak Nyeremin Cuman Suara Musiknya Yang Nyeremin Aja. ehe Agung Shemara Yue Liang 28 dias atras Kakak Alvin mengundang setan secara langsung melalui papan oija. Oh iya dibelakang ada yg gerak-gerak. Hehe serem. Dek ayuk Mes atras. Gitu kita beli hari ni gk keluar gitu besokx dua hari berturut2 keluar tu no togel,,, ad lucu n ngerix jg sih emang kita gk gerakin tp sprt d gerakan. Irma Rusdiana 2 meses atras Ini sich deket rumah. ? Sayang aku baru aktif nonton sekarang. Khusus Coc 2 meses atras Bingung pertanyaannya setannya jadi bingung Pema Dechen 2 meses atras Sensitive to certain frequency that invades you with depressing vibes.

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I assumed he would've been more relevant as well, back when you made this video. Jean-Luc Ulmer Lmfao, get out of here Anisja Alena Mayer Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire. He's Stark and Targaryen Eduardo Gongora So he is the song of ice and fire, azor ahai. Cryptic Soldier Ice of the others and the long night. Fire from the Doom The song is about world changing events and not something as small as a single character, war, or union. Just my theory Anthony Moraga Your videos are badass mate. THIS SENTENCE IS FALSE Wait my boy Ned coming back irock123432 1 I think it's just a recurring theme. The targaryens and Starks, Jon's heritage, lands of perpetual summer and winter, etc. Raymond Barrett Instead of making stupid theories and assumptions how about find things that are factual you all come up with the same silly assumptions but very little things that are fact that everyone don't already know about ThatGuy Man Which dragon laid the eggs that became Danys dragons. Kimberly Scheper I'm almost finished with the 3rd book. I would love it if Euron had the Hell horn and destroyed Dany. Take her dragons and destroy all of his enemies. C no evil. Very good premise.

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I didn't check this production's budget, but 'shoestring' comes to mind. I've given this 2 stars instead of 1, because it's not unimaginable that some people could derive pleasure from the occasional fright that announces itself several minutes in advance. Other than that, I'd call this a complete waste of time. It's definitely low budget with simple tactics to entertain viewers. It has the making of a decent story line, and would be scary for a 13-15 year old slumber party. There are a few frightening parts and some pretty decent effects. I'm a horror movie junkie and this movie was tolerable and interesting without being compared to box office hits. The ending kind of let me down, compared to the rest of the film, but I would recommend it to someone who's bored and wants to watch a scary movie. Michael has moved to new digs that still contain many of the old tenants belongings, including a Ouija board. Brandon is interested in filming some sessions using the board. Most of the five leads think that talking louder helps communicate with the departed spirits. There is an early laying down of rules about the use of the board. The only one that seems to count is, 'say goodbye to the spirit' before ending a session. Reading off a laptop screen to the camera does not add much for me about believability or acceptance of context.

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and 6. per cent respectively from the same period in 2016. UHP: Drunk driver stopped headed wrong way on I-15 deseretnews. om Police Searching For Driver Who Fatally Hit Woman In Gresham chicago. bslocal. om Mother tries to mail newborn usatoday. om. Rhimes’s production company — Shondaland — will begin producing new series for Netflix, which has long been the streaming home of Shondaland reruns. Meanwhile, her current series will continue to air on ABC, in particular the Thursday night bloc of Grey’s Anatomy (still one of TV’s most successful dramas), Scandal (heading into its final season), and How to Get Away with Murder. Longtime Shondaland producing partner Betsy Beers will join Rhimes in the move to Netflix. Notably, the series that Shondaland creates for Netflix may not be created by Rhimes herself. The producer frequently shepherds series from other writers she works with to the air. It also reflects a longtime Netflix strategy of developing new series based on which older titles perform well in its library. “I’ m proud to have given a home to what have become some of the most celebrated and talked about shows on television, ” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey told Variety.

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. Military. Its real simple, take a deck of cards, pick 4 exercises. Each exercise is assigned to Hearts, Spades, Diamonds or Clubs. Draw a card and you'll do that many repetitions of an exercise. This a Deck of Cards Workout The Deck of Cards workout is very simple. Enter the names of the workouts you want to do, and each workout is assigned to a suit. A standard 52 card Deck is then shuffled and a random card is pulled. You do the number of reps on the card to the wo Deck of Cards Workout - Pro Deck of Cards Workout - Pro will help you meet your fitness and weight-loss goals. Each suit is a different exercise and the number of repetitions is based on rank. With Deck of Cards Workout - Pro, you can workout at home, in the gym, when travelin Deck of Cards Workout - WOD Features. The Deck Deck of Cards Workout Free This is a High Quality Workout app based on the common crossfit Deck Of Cards Workout. The Deck Of Cards Workout assigns a specific exercise to each suit in a standard deck of cards. With Deck of Cards Workout, you can workout at home, in the gym, when traveling, or anywhe Deck of Death Workout Looking for a way to bring home the awesome and highly effective circuit training exercises used in cross-fit gyms?

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The dialogue in which the Title Drop happens was translated accordingly, so it makes much more sense. Home Alone is known as Kevin sam w domu ( Kevin alone in home ). Its sequel was aptly titled Kevin sam w Nowym Jorku ( Kevin alone in New York ). It's an idiom meaning lack of faith in obviously empty promises. The Hustler became simply Bilardzista (Billiard Player), as this type of con doesn't have specific name in Polish. In Bruges became Najpierw Strzelaj, Potem Zwiedzaj (Shoot First, Sightsee Later), leading to people assuming it was a different kind of a comedy. Innocent Blood was screened as Krwawa Maria (Bloody Mary), but when released for home media and broadcasted in TV, the title is always translated literally, as Niewinna krew. Nobody really knows why, but both titles are registered as official. This is carried over from the book version, which in turn had a battle over literal translation ( W dzicz ) and what ultimately became the Polish title. Jawbreaker is Cukiereczek ( Tiny Candy, with a diminutive). Last Action Hero is somewhat ambigious when put into Polish, as it can be translated two ways and still make sense within the context of the movie. Ultimately it became Bohater ostatniej akcji ( Hero of the Final Action ), since the distributor decided Ostatni Bohater Akcji (the literal translation) would be a grammar mistake and wouldn't make much sense to Poles anyway due to different naming conventions for stock characters. The original with Burt Reynolds has a literal translation. And the British version of the film, Mean Machine, was released as Mecz ostatniej szansy (Last chance match).

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Dia selalu berada di rumah dan menjadi mata bagi In sok yang buta). In Sook dibakar hidup-hidup, sementara Chun hee, yang menjadi mata anaknya tidak bisa keluar dari rumahnya karena harus menjadi mata bagi anaknya, padahal rumahnya dibakar oleh penduduk. Dia akhirnya membalas dendamnya kepada penduduk desa tersebut. Chun hee juga berniat untuk menghidupkan kembali arwah Insook dengan cara berhubuangan seks dengan Pak Han, guru di sekolah itu. Dan Chun Hee masuk ke tubuh Ibu Lee, guru kesenian di sekolah tersebut. Suatu hari, dia memperhatikan bahwa lampu beberapa apartemen ini dimatikan pada saat yang sama. Dia menjadi semakin terlibat saat berusaha memecahkan misteri. Yoo-Jin adalah satu-satunya murid, yang berani memberitahu Eun Ju bahwa Kim In-Sook sudah tidak ada. Eun Ju kembali melihat kursi tersebut dan menyadari bahwa tidak ada nama di nomor kursi 29. Penyelidikan segera di lakukan setelah tiga siswa pengganggu lainnya mati dengan cara yang sama. Akhirnya, Yoo-Jin menyadari bahwa dia kerasukan roh Kim In-Sook. Dia membunuh semua orang yang mengganggunya, meskipun dia tidak ingat telah melakukannya. Eun Ju juga bisa merasakan kekuatan mengerikan sekitarnya Yoo Jin. Melalui hipnotis, mereka mampu melihat masa lalu dan mencari tahu bahwa roh yang berada di tubuh Yoo-Jin adalah Kim In-Sook, dan memiliki memori bagaimana dia dibunuh.

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They are both simultaneously harming and helping each other in a brilliantly reliable piece of plotting. I don't see how Sony can plan a Spider-Man movie a year without having set plans for this character. He easily could be the franchise's Nick Fury, tying each movie together. Raimi's trilogy seems to have fallen out of favor, but everyone loves Simmons' Jameson. Simmons is a brilliant character actor who fit perfectly in Raimi's caricatured universe. But I don't see his great portrayal should make the character off limits for others. Jameson has been around since 1963 and has been interpreted in many different ways. Ed Asner (my personal favorite version of JJJ) always delivered his lines for Spider-Man: The Animated Series slowly with an air of disgust. This is a great character that a lot of awesome character actors could do great things with. Jonah Jameson would fit in the dark, edgy Amazing Spider-Man films (unless he was a reporter who worked with Richard Parker to expose Oscorp, because everything needs to relate to Peter's parents for some reason). Huebel may be a bit young, but he is a great sketch comic who could really have a lot of fun making Peter's life difficult. Slattery has the right look (sans mustache), has enough eloquence and intimidation to sell the professional, controlling newspaperman. He is becoming a staple of character roles in addition to comedy. He could go to some really interesting places with the role.

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